Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Excuse me, but your country is showing…

So, if you didn’t know it already I’m in Kentucky. The Bluegrass State, Home of the UK Wildcats, Kentucky Derby, Hot Browns (if you’ve never had Hot Browns let me know this could be another how to foodie post.) and Bluegrass music. True, I’ve always tried my hardest to be “uncountry”. It’s paid off in it’s way. I’ve been asked before where my accent was, because I’ve always worked hard to hide it, as a result of being made fun of in my youth, teen girls are mean and thoughtless. Now, after finding my Marilyn Manson loving, horror movie watching, wide leg wearing, love of my life 8 years ago. There is no denying it. I’m 100% country. As it being tax season, my husband has some big plan for that tax return. When he asked me if there was anything I wanted my reply was

A Spinning Wheel!

I know, how random.  I wasn’t raised around sheep, spinning, or knitting for that matter. I just sort of always wanted to know how to knit and I’ve just recently took up crocheting.  Let it be known, I only saw a spinning wheel once in my life. That was when I lived in Pennsylvania and went to a demonstration at the age of 7.  I was shocked when he agreed to let me have one. I’ve narrowed it down to two models. The Ashford Country Spinner or the Ashford Kiwi. With the Country Spinner I can make art yarn, and the bobbin will hold more yardage. The Kiwi is more a a beginners wheel, really the only reason I’ve considered it along with the Country Spinner.

spin kiwi

I know people that know me personally are wondering. What is she going to do with a spinning wheel. Well, it’s simple my dearies, I’m going to spin straw into gold! Hahaha! I think it’s a cute little come back for the nay sayers, but really, If you’re into your fiber arts, and in the middle of commercial yarn town USA, why not?  Just look at the beautiful bats and roving I can find on etsy!

il_170x135.74395892 gum drops il_170x135.213528319 il_170x135.213504154

il_170x135.94489198 il_170x135.151212793 il_170x135.213166284

After looking at all of theses and knowing the endless possibilities I’m like totally super stoked! My mind is going in a million directions, I’ve considered if I’m any good at this I may try and get a spot in the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in May. Knowing that the Hubby is onboard with this I also want to try my hand at dyeing my own yarn, I’ve sat down and came up with and idea to making a self striping yarn! More importantly, I have some serious plans to make yarns for all the patterns in Twinkie Chan’s Book! (Yumm-a-lisous!) Could you just imagine an entire line of yarn inspired by Twinkie Chan and her food inspired wearable's?!There are no, serious thoughts to selling at this point. If I do enter the festival there is that possibility, I’ve already hinted at the idea of collaborating with Kennedy Quilt Shop here in town to make some projects bags.

So, I wanna know, am I crazy, is this just me accepting that I’m country enough to start spinning, or is it just my obsession with yarn and fiber arts? Honestly, I think it’s another way for me to express my creativity in a free form way.


Cara said...

Ever hear that song "A Little Bit Country"? You know we are both a little country and a little rock and roll. :P
I think spinning sounds awesome! Country, yes, but a totally fun way to create art. And city folks love country art. ;)

Jamison Star said...

I agree to this. I think that's why I wanted the country spinner, so I can make art yarn!

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