Tuesday, January 4, 2011

T.V. Tuesday

Where Gleek Meets Yarn

For my first T.V. Tuesday I want to introduce everyone to one of my favorite shows. Glee! From Glee there as emerged a small, doe eyed, germ phobic, fashion icon. Emma Pillsbury.


She has a very mature style, that I can only describe as Jackie O inspired. Accessorizing with some amazing shoes!


So, I actually struggled a little bit with an idea of what to make that had the certain Miss Pillsbury feel to it. At one point I considered making a super adorable sweater guard. Knowing that she wears some adorable ones from time to time.


I also considered making a huge flower broach, but I didn’t have a cardigan to model it on that could do it justice. So, I concluded to making this bracelet.

dec10 026

dec10 021

I felt it had the right amount of dainty-ness, it could only be made better had I two adorable vintage button to us as a clasp as the original pattern specified.

I didn’t write today’s pattern, mostly because, who can take credit for a flower pattern anyway? There has been sooo many I’m not certain that one could pinpoint the origin even. But, by all means if you want this pattern head on over to Creativeyarn's Blog. Not only did she write and share this FREE pattern, she also wrote this adorable head band that I made for my own red headed, doe eyed Gleek!

dec10 015

dec10 016

I did add a few embellishment to this. And for a small note on this I used a size F hook fro the chains and it’s approximately 25 chains to 5 1/2 inches.  once again you can go to Creativeyarn's Blog for this pattern.

Look out for tomorrow’s blog. Wednesday Addam’s Choice. Gotta love when Goth, macabre, and yarn meat! errr meet!


Cara said...

I got a whole set of knitting needles for Christmas. :)

~J-ME~ said...

I need to start buffing up on my knitting again. I have an awesome set of DPNs that haven't been touched.

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