Monday, February 7, 2011


I feel as if I’ve been such a bad little blogger here lately. Honestly, it’s been pure laziness or exhaustion. It’s flu season, in my house, I’m usually the LAST to get my flu shot. This season however I got my shot along with Aggie and Mikey. But, it doesn’t protect me from the stomach flu or what ever this insane stomach virus is going around. First Natalie brought it home from school, naturally, Mommy cleaned up the mess. Then I was down with it for a couple of days. Then Chloe has it, once again, I clean up the mess, this time in latex kitchen gloves, and I throw them out. I still get it AGAIN! I, in return give it to Mikey, he gives it to Stephen, who then returns it back to me. I was lucky to have another three days then made a quick trip to the grocery store. Guess what happens there? I run into another tired mommy who has a toddler that looks half possessed by Mr. Howdy, green and all. I was lucky enough to be right there when the pea soup comes out. I’m running the fever right now and have tossed my cookies once. My head is pounding and I want my hubby to be here to take care of me. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. But, there’s a saying y grandmother told me. The Mommy is never sick. Which is true. As terrible as I feel right now, I did manage to pick up the living room and bathroom, with a little help from Natalie. Now I think I may lay down with some ginger ale and watch another season of Lost. Ciao


Maggi said...

Yikes, how horrible! I hope you're feeling better now, that just sucks!

Jamison Star said...

I am feeling much better today. Thanks :)

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