Thursday, February 10, 2011

X-Men, prequel?

The trailer to the newest X-Men Movie was revealed this week. Am I excited? Well, seeing as I’m quite possibly one of the biggest dorks alive YES I am! True, with all the hype, and being Hollywood, it’s bound to disappoint die hard comic fans. (All comic book turned movies do.) It’s great to see the visual live action effects that have been playing in my mind since I was wee bit of a dorkalicious girl. I must say though, watching the trailer for a second time, there is going to be A LOT of big name Mutants. Seriously, and I’m not sure they can deliver all the back stories at once. Just a shot in the dark but here is what I’m seeing at a glance.

Aside from Professor X and Magneto.

Hank McCoy/Beast before and after his transformation. In fact I believe we get to see that fatefully terrifying ordeal first hand on screen.


Raven/Mystique. I don’t think most people are aware how old she really is, being a shape shifter must be handy like that. 


Angel Salvadore/ Tempest. She’s a fairly newer character crated for the New X-Men comics around 2000-2001. She’s sort of like a Fly I guess is the best way to explain her.


Emma Frost. But, of course we couldn't do a prequel with out Emma Frost. I’m hoping that she plays a bigger role than the wimpy one in Wolverine. With that said, I’m also expecting to see an appearance from the Hellfire Club. With at am desperately hoping for an introduction of Sebastian Shaw. He is one of the GREATEST villains of all time created by the AMAZING Chris Claremont and artistic talents of John Byrne. 

emma shaw

I also caught a glimpse of what cold have been Nightcrawler, but with it being the 60’s I’m assuming it’s a family member. As the mutation has the same qualities/special fx, ect. Guessing that would be a genetic trait passed down a family line. His father was introduced with a storyline a few years back. But, I’m not so sure Marvel a la Hollywood would actually connect them that close. I’ll throw this out there though, I think his name was Azreal? 


So, how do I know all of this? I’m a HUGE dork, and even bigger X-Men fanatic. There are things that I’m not completely caught up on and things I may have backwards or severely misconstrued, I’m good at that. I could do some online scouring, and get the fact straight, and put some of my theories to the test. Maybe later, for now I’m content with sharing what I know with out any added help or corrections. Maybe in a few days we’ll see my crafty side coming out with an X-Men inspired goodie!!! All that aside, I will most defiantly be there opening day, in all my dorkiness!!! Ciao!


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