Monday, February 14, 2011

John Wayne, Flowers, and Race Cars.

I’ve been gone on a small hiatus lately. I apologize for that. But, my reasoning, was clear and simple. I got a new computer and had to download windows live writer. I’ve been waiting about 3 years for a new computer. It would so happen that I was content to be without a new one for another year. But, as it would so happen Stephen has taken to surfing the interwebs, and discovered how an out of date computer can cause annoying little problems. Stephen, was almost content to purchase a nice little desktop. But, with the help of my new friend Tiffany, he chose this adorably, efficient, machine. Though I’m convinced he didn’t’ know it was the flowered version, I didn’t know until we opened the box.


Along with this I allowed Stephen to get his race car, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the purchase of my spinning wheel.  He seems to be very content with that purchase as well. It’s been a much better purchase than the last one he bought. Seeing that this one is ready to go. It will be repainted, and another bar added in the roll cage.


And finally, to end the day. We purchased a blu-ray player and the movie True Grit. One of my favorite John Wayne characters, Rooster Cogburn.


This completes the Rooster Cogburn collection we have. Granted it’s only two moves, I have a strange need to have sequels/prequels. It absolutely kills me that we haven’t purchased Spider Man 3 yet, or X-Men Last Stand. Not that I’m complaining, it just bother’s me. As much as I love this movie, I much prefer it’s sequel Rooster Cogburn. It co-stars Katherine Hepburn. Honestly,one couldn’t ask for much more than John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn. .


Oh dear, I had just about forgotten, Daddy took Belle to the “Doctor”. She’s all better! Aggie couldn’t be happier!



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