Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Think I Survived… The Plague

It’s a running joke between myself and one of my friends. I think I survived childbirth. Well, these past weeks I think I’ve survived The Plague. I’m serious. As I got better from the flu, my allergies began acting up. So in order to fight that off I had to stop my antibiotics and take my allergy meds for a couple days. Which was the worst idea ever. Not only did it not help my allergies I now have bronchitis and a rash on my right arm. Which is now gone thanks to my Grandfather constantly giving me herbal remedies for Aggie’s constant rashes. I usually use Benadryl on any of her breakouts. But, after using Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield Gel I may never got back to Benadryl.  But, I’m not finished. He also showed up Monday afternoon to check on Aggie and I told him I had been sick again. Thirty minutes later my grandfather came with a small brown bag with a bottle of liquid silver shield and olive leaf extract capsules. Taking the oral amounts of silver shield and drastically helped my coughing and sore throat. I still feel groggy, and grumpy but I think I survived.

To add a bit of happiness, I participated in two swaps this wintery spring. These were the first yarn craft swaps I’ve done. I felt a bit confused and lost at times. See as it was my first swaps of this type. At this point I know one package made it to is destination. I’m still waiting to hear from the other. But here are my goodies from the wonderful women that I swapped with.

My first package was sent from Oregon. It was filled with some wonderful little crafting goodness.


My favorite things were the cable needles and the red coin purse!

My second package came from Vermont. I was still stopped up but when I opened the box I could smell the most amazingly clean scent.


Which so happened to be the soap made right there in Vermont, Honey Almond. I also got a small box of green peeps. But they didn’t’ make it too far out of the box. Aggie, Mikey and myself ate them right away.

I really enjoyed doing these swaps and plan to do more. Including a four seasons swap, and an upcoming Wall-E inspired craft swap. Can’t wait to see what my little mind puts out for these!

So, that’s about all I’ve been up to. in a small little box. tehe….



jacque4u2c said...

I about choked when I read this post. My MIL was in over the weekend and brought me some of thre Silver shield gel, my dd and I have been using it on our face at night and I LOVE IT! I think it might actually be tighting up some of my wrinkles - sheesh what a blessing. She also brought me some of the liquid silver shield months ago, but I have not broke it open yet, sounds like I need to....

I love your swap boxes - whoohoo!

Jamison Star said...

The Silver shield is amazing. My grandfather makes us use it for everything. It's like the windex jokes on MY Big Fat Wedding. But, seriously, my kids have problems with their allergies clogging their tear ducts. By putting two drops in each eye once a day it clears it up. (you can also use it as antibacterial hand sanitizer.)

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