Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updating updates!

I really feel like it’s been forever since my last post. Been a lot going on family wise. But, good news is on the horizon! My launch locally has been great! I’m always glad to hear that people like what I make and want me to make it for them.

I’ve been in the process of filling the orders that have come in and trying to do a little spring cleaning. In the midst of the cleaning I found my lost h hook!!! YEAH!!!! I actually screamed with excitement at this discovery! I have also made another style hat for the spring collection that will make it’s debut on Monday so stay posted.

Don’t forget the giveaway. I will hold the drawing on Tuesday! And prices will go up on Tuesday as well. So get em while they’re hot! I’m also taking custom orders with a 3.00 fee. So, Razzelberry Toppings is slowly gaining ground.

On an off note…. Did anyone watch House M.D. on Monday??? OMG! He was a serial killer that ate his victims??? Was NOT expecting that…


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