Friday, May 3, 2013

Back, and With a Little Addition.

It’s been awhile, too long actually. I must admit, I’ve been wary of returning, I fear all my reader have vanished. In the last few days I was struggling with how to begin a new post, well here it is. I’ve been gone, mostly because , well I was gone and the usual day to day routine.

I had one of those daily jobs for awhile, public assistance type. I mainly worked with elderly and underprivileged who were very thankful for help. Then there were the “I don’t have to work because I know you’ll pay for this” type. I was eventually let go because of budget reasons, sad day, but I rebounded over the summer with a little job at the Public Pool. It wasn’t the highest paying job, I got crappy hours, but my two eldest girls got all summer pool fun and hot dogs they could handle.

Then came October, we welcomed our newest little addition, Parker.



To help in welcoming him, I created his entire layette. I know I’m known mostly for my crocheting, but before all that, I was best sitting behind a sewing machine.

Gowns, these were made form some of my old t-shirts, most of which I couldn’t or wouldn’t wear anymore. To recreate these for your selves the pattern can be found at This Mama Makes stuff. Super simple, extra super cute!





The Boppy Covers, I’ve had four kids already, so reusing some of the things I had in storage wasn’t new to me, This time, however, I did feel a little guilty reusing the girls’ bobby cover. I headed to the store in hopes for finding a simple blue cover for a reasonable price. Two problems occurred, one- I hated the covers offered at the stores, two- I wasn’t paying THAT much for something I knew I would have to repair after the first five or six washes. (I’m a little anal about baby things being clean, I’m sure you don’t blame me though)  With that in mind I set out to create my own adorable covers, here is what I came up with.


For the cameo cover I followed the tips and suggestions from this tutorial. Like it said it was quick and dirty. 


The sheepish one I decided to trace the cover I had previously used with my girls. It worked much better for me that way and if you decided to go that route don’t forget seam allowances, it will make or break you. 

I only made two because, believe it or not, they take a lot of fabric to create and don’t get me started on the zippers.

To go with the bobby, I of course needed bibs, show me a baby that doesn’t drool and I’ll forget the bibs. As if I’m not dorky enough I had to pass it on to my son, so these are made from remnants of my Everquest fabric and Transformers. There are tons of bib patterns out there goggle it, trust me you’ll find one, or you can mash them all up and get what I made. Here are a few links to get you started.



Finally, the coming home outfit. I wanted something that would share a little bit of everyone in the home. This is what I came up with.


The shirt and suspenders with a “Gatsby” Hat.


Suspenders: I created them on my own, they’re fake and just attach with a little velcro. Nothing too complicated just a little flashy.

The hat:I I had previously made the hat for my oldest son, and I decided his new little brother needed one as well, In fact I created two. The pattern I referenced from was made for an older boy so there was a lot of snipping and guessing for the proper fit, which I never achived, it was still too big. Never the less, this pattern is great!


Baby Handmade Toms My baby sister is obsessed with Toms and when I first saw these little booties I couldn’t resist making them to resemble the ones she so desperately wanted. The pattern I found as super simple to follow and for girls you can add an adorable little bow or flower to the top.


A swaddle blankie. I feel in love with this idea, I had several swaddle me blankets and, although, I liked using them to travel with I wanted something to cuddle him in at home. This was the answer.


I guess the only thing left to do or say is to reveal the arrival home. I refused my own photo opt. (recovering from a c-section do you blame me?)




Everything I’ve linked to today can also be found on my Pinterest board.


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