Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bed Bugs: a new infestation.

Bed bugs were nearly eradicated in the US during the 1950’s. Now they’ve made a striking come back and are being found in homes across the country.
When dealing with these resilient little boogers there are a few key things to keep in mind. They like to hide and can do so very well. Although named BED bug, they will hide in bedside tables, electronics, plug ins, light switches, books, pretty much anything. A thorough investigation is a must. They usually feed on unnoticed, due to a numbing chemical that is produced in their salvia, its is unlikely you will feel one bite you. They do not transfer dieses.
Once you discover a bed bug in your home, be warned there are most likely more. The sad truth is if you’ve found a random one crawling in your house it may be too late to call it a light infestation because they like to hide so well, and go so long unseen they will reproduce very quickly. What to do, what to do???
1. Seek. Conduct a search of your house, trying best to leave no stone unturned.
2. Educate. Unfortunately this is one thing you WILL have to forfeit money for, regardless which route you take. Your local professional or, if you’re renting, your landlord should be the first call you make, by letting them know they are in the area they can best access the local situation and begin to act accordingly. The worst thing for a professional is to be unprepared and suffer the backlash for it.
3. Inform. As with any parent who has had to make the dreaded “Lice Call”  knows the worst part is making the calls to those who have spent time in your home. It is the right thing to do, keeping it under wraps can only cause a infestation by someone who may taken home a hitchhiker from your place.  When making the call, tell give them the number to your exterminator, share with them what to look for, and let them know you are treating your home. DO NOT blame other’s for this misfortune, deal with the situation at hand.
4.Treat DO NOT try homemade remedies, call a professional, ask them what they would suggest. There are OTC treatments but the cost of treating, retreating, and continued treatments, will most likely sum up to the same cost as having your exterminator come out.
5. Toss Most time unnecessary, if you feel more secure by tossing mattresses, furniture, and anything else that you feel is infested do so, but make sure you do so according to your local garbage pickups guidelines. DO NOT give infested things away! WHY?! This is how the infestation spreads. I know most of you are wondering “Who would do such a thing?” It happens. If you move DO NOT leave infested furniture! I have to other suggestions to you if you don’t want your furnishings and they’re infested burn them, dispose of them yourself. When making others do this for you, and not informing them you’re letting them take the risk of infesting their home just as much as giving them the furniture.
6. Vocalize. Be vocal about your situation, hiding and denying is the worst possible thing to do. I cannot stress this enough, tell people about your situation, if you’re strapped for money, by letting people know you need help, believe it or not someone will help you.
Good Luck and I pray you never really need to know all of this.
Jamison Star
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Rene Shonerd said...

I co-worker of mine went through this a few years ago. She was renting, and although the management company did all the right things to eradicate the unit, it was still a nightmare for her, eventually causing her to move out and start over with most of her possessions.

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