Tuesday, June 17, 2014

China Cheapies: Not All The Same

I’m a mama of 6 little minions (I use that lovingly, I don’t use them as minions, I just expect certain chore to be done I am in no way a Gilbert Grape Mama) so I have to budget wisely, tightly, and very often. I have purchased several different brands of the “China Cheapies” diapers. My first foray into them was my sad and very short lived time with my first Modern Cloth diapers by Baby CIty aka “Ebay Diapers”. Like most I was blinded by the deal I got, 19 pocket diapers for $30. I had no problems with them to begin with, espically with a newborn, I will point out I didn’t have inserts so I was using them as a cover with my countless prefolds people gave me when I said I was using cloth.21787_507042555986522_811973656_n
Nearing the end of the forth month we began to have leaks from not one but all diapers. Upon inspection I discovered they were delaminating. To my dismay, with the recent purchase of our new home and renovations to make it suitable for our large family there was no money in the budget to replace the entire stash, so I rotated the best looking ones with two wool covers I crocheted. ( I cannot emphasize the awesomeness of wool covers.)
Spectators wouldn’t have noticed the issues I was having due to my determination to show people that cloth wasn’t “that complicated” Which in a lad filled without crappy products like these, it’s not. Eventually large  renovations finished and we were able to purchase a few Thirsties Covers (I give them a 5 star recommendation) and with expectation of one more budle of joy on the way we expanded our stash to include BumGenius, Kushies, Kawaii Baby, Shine Baby, Alva Baby, Ragababe, and Various WAHM Fleece covers.
I want to share with you now, the comparisons of Kawaii, Alva, and Baby City at 8 moths worth of use.
I had no issues with the outsides, they all kept a clean appearance, I had no prints in the Baby City, the only real reason I still own the blue one is my daughters use it with their baby dolls. #cloth4all Winking smile  You can tell that the Baby City is much smaller than the Kawaii and Alva. The Baby City had no hip snaps, which eventually became a pet peeve for me as BooBah began crawling, the left over snaps would poke out and has a sloppy look to them. Kawaii and Alva both have hip snaps, Boobah and Miss Sunshine both wear them with no issues of sloppiness.
The PUL side of each of these diapers are very different. collage compare
As I said before the Baby city began dealminating after four moths of use, because of my sheer determination I continued using them for another 4 months until we purchased enough to toss them. The Kawaii and Alva have both been through the same tourtores as the Baby City with no delaminating. Both are still in our current stash and going strong. I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re going to buy China Cheapies AVOID Baby CITY! Alternately I have a Shine Baby, I purchased Used from Tender Tushies Retailer, and I would hold it against the Alva and Kawaii. It was unavailable for a revealing photo opp.  Here it is in action though.
As always, take care, beware, and happy shopping


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