Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miss Crafty Pants

Hey, Howdy, Hi and Aloha too! 

So, I'm more known for my crochet as opposed to my knitting. Simply because I can look at something and map out how to make it in crochet form.  Imade decent money as a pattern editor because I can read a pattern and catch mishaps with out doing a trial run with hook and yarn. I love crochet! I love writing little patterns for beginners and making sweet little trinkets and gifts for people. Two years ago I made a pledge to make all my children handmade/homemade Christmas gifts. This year as we now have 6 children to provide for I am planning on taking that pledge again for my children, husband, and my siblings. I also plan to have my children make theire presents for each other as well! With that now out of the way! 

In previous years I've crocheted some amazing scarves from Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies!


Then last year’s Gifts to my sisters (my brother wasn’t in the mood for a reprise of the bacon scarf)


My daughter’s doll and all those bows!!!


The boy’s hats.


And… The hubby’s hat he never wears, he says it’s because he doesn’t want to ruin it. Yes that is me modeling it. (Crazy eyes and all)


I guess what I’m trying to say is. I’m ready to get my crafty pants back on and make another Handmade Christmas! Who’s with me?!!

I will be posting bits and pieces of the projects and sharing some of my personal patterns and links to some other awesome crafters and patterns along the way!

I think the idea of a Handmade Christmas came to me when my children,  then just the 3 girls. received what was visibly used gifts from their failed yard sale. Before you judge me and accuse me of being a snob, let me continue, there were four other children there, two of which were step children of step children whom we had never met and were no expecting to be present, who were given gifts from the same “Aunt” (I say that because she married in) that were new big item gifts. The gifts that were given to my children, were nice, I wouldn’t mention it had my children not had the innocent reaction of “really?!” It hurt them where it shouldn’t have. I think it embarrassed some of my family as they were singled out, and didn’t’ know how to react. After that I wanted to make sure that they would learn to be grateful and sincere. It’s gonna get rough as my eldest is now in that dreaded Tween stage. Wish me luck and don’t be afraid to shoot me ideas as the holidays progress!


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