Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TushMate: Globe print is here!

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Hey, Howdy, Hi and Aloha too!
It's that time again! TushMate News!!!
Last month I announced that TushMate introduced their all new AIO newborn diaper! Now They have a new Print!!! It's called Globe! I have to admit I'm smitten with it!

It has been stated in their latest newsletter that this print, Globe, was printed and cut such that it will be right side up for both the front and back! No placement disappointment! TushMate has also redesigned some of their diapers features, no worries though, all the parts we love are still there, just some minor tweeks to improve and already amazing diaper! Check it out below!

2014 TushMate shell improved details
With the new design now in place the 2013 diaper shells are now buy 2 get one free! So, folks, now is the time to add to your stash!  Get the Globe Print for regular price then get two of the 2013 design and one free and you're all set!

Well, that's all I've got for you now! If you want to keep up with TushMate News you can like their page on facebook and enter their current giveaway! Follow them on Twitter.


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