Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Blessings 9/28

I know I've been a bit, out of sorts, I'm sure we've all done it from time to time. This past two weeks I've had my son, break his glasses for the third time, get sent home because they suspected he had hand, foot, mouth disease, then sent home again because they think he has pink eye. Oh and lets not forget the mysterious cut/scab on his chin that happen same day he broke hi glasses. I'm pretty lucky we have an amazing optometrist and his staff that has put up with me continually bring in his glasses. Our doctor who without a problem made us an appointment the same day he was sent home for HFM, she ruled it out very quickly, also she called in a RX for eye drops knowing how bad bub's allergies are this time of year. I could complain, but you know what I'm pretty darn thankful.

1. That I don't freak out and automatically assume a non medical professional knew exactly what he/she was talking about when my son was sent home.
2. My son's eyesight isn't so bad that he's walking "blind" (like my mother) without his glasses when he's broken them.
4. He's healthy enough so that a little nick. scrap. cut isn't that big of a deal. (Just another mystery us Mamas of boys go through from time to time. Am I right?)
3. My husband who puts up with all this along side me and complains so little about it all.

Yup I'm luck and blessed. I hope y'all are blessed enough to see the joy in your little things too!
Have a great Sunday!


Veronica Lee said...

Great reminder to always count our blessings.
Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club.
Have a nice day!

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