Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SnotSuk Review

OMG!  I cannot begin to tell y'all how amazingly awesome this little thing is! Boobah and Miss Sunshine both have had runny noses since the seasons began to change. This past week though, we were hit with URIs, which is code for "Let the Snot Fly!", no really it is. I have never seen so much snot come out of my children, most of it landing on me none the less.  I'll admit that sucking snot out of your little one's nose is not a new one. We've all at least seen a bulb syringe, and all mother's are supposed to be shown how to use one prior to leaving the hospital or after the first visit with your babies pediatrician. This is the same concept with one major change, instead of the sucking coming from the air inside a bulb and hoping that one suck gets it all you're using the air in your own lungs and have a bit more control. YES! I know it "sounds" gross but I promise, there is no, I repeat NO way that you will come in contact with the snot.
First off, you have a pretty big reservoir, an exceptionally large tube and a sponge like filter. To be Frank, if you baby or toddler had enough snot to fill the reservoir and get through the filter, up the tube and in your mouth, WOW you've got some powerful lungs and your kid has some serious nasal issues.
I was if-y about trying this out at first, my biggest selling point, however, was I can clean and sanitize the reservoir. I don't have to worry about the dreaded bulb syringe mold. (Y'all have seen that right?)
Google it, The Huffington Post did an article on it last year. (You'll thank me later.) You also don't have to feel like you're sticking something so far up their little nose that you're gonna suck their brains out. (Ok I may be the only one that's had that fear, but I blame Nintendo for that one.)  The first time we used this, with out TMI, I was able to clean my little one's nose in two goes, once for each nostril. Also, because you're sucking not blowing, you're bodily fluids, saliva, isn't coming in contact with them. (Not that has anything to do with a bulb syringe.) I love my SnotSuk, and I've recommended to my mama friends and I recommend it to y'all too!

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