Monday, November 17, 2014

5 New Blonde Shades from Madison Reed

Madison Reed heard your calls for a wider range of blonde shades, and are now very excited to announce the newest of their handcrafted hair colors!
Meet our ravishing Ravello. One of our most anticipated shades, it’s a delicate, fashion-forward strawberry blonde. This shade is vibrant enough to bestow a warm glow to hair. Ravello adds burnished gold copper tones soft enough to cover gray, resulting in a strawberry gold.
Meet Tremiti, the sunniest of our new shades. It creates a soft sunshine gold, exposing natural warmth and adding gold tones. This shade would be perfect on a warm skin tone. With hair that has gone gray it will restore tone to hair, and sparkle to the complexion.
Salute, Varese! This is a champagne blonde with sheer beige tones. Perfect to add tone to a yellow blonde. It also tones super light blonde or white to a minky, Hollywood blonde.
Meet Manarola, the iciest and coolest of our blondes. This shade is a brass buster and counteracts any unwanted yellow tones. On naturally white hair, it gives a crisp, steel effect.
Ciao, Amalfi – “out little pearl!” This is the lightest blonde in our collection, as well as the most natural. This shade gives a soft creamy result on white hair and the effect of spun gold on natural hair.
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