Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System Review


 I chose to review the Ballroom Mastery (7dvd) set to teach my daughter, who love watching Dancing with the Stars. In-between two cases of the flu, a sinus infection, a change of allergy meds, a stay in the hospital, an ER visit, holiday meals, shopping, and school meetings, a lot l know, she and were able to learn the foxtrot and waltz.
  The videos were easy to follow and perfectly paced. My daughter, as with other  12 year old girls, would have enjoyed it more had there been current music. I'm a bit out of shape  yet I didn't feel winded or confused.  After three days of the foxtrot I felt accomplished as if I had paid a premium top dollar price to dance hall instructor.  I cannot wait for New Year's Eve  to show off my new skills!
  The waltz was a different story however, l thought  out of all the dances it would be the simplest.  I have never been so frustrated with myself  , after 7 days, on and off, I'm confident I can waltz my way into  the New Year.
Although dancing is an excellent form of  physical exercise the slow pare of learning  on my own via DVD didn't get my heart rate  up to compensate for cardio. 
The only other downside was working alone  I would have  lined to work with the hubby  but his holiday working hours prevented that.
If you're looking for an easy to follow dance system  this is it.


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