Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Technical Difficulty

My computer is down,  not quite sure what is wrong. I suspect old age, even though its only 4 years old. Its running on windows 7, I'm almost positive its nothing to do with the hardware. I just hate blogging from a touch screen.:(

Although, posting from anywhere has many conveniences, I do not see any crochet patterns in the near future. Auto correct would be a nightmare. for example
(3hex, 2dc, 1SCC,) in the same st.
Can you see the issues just imagine adding cluster stitches or if I were to venture into knitting patterns. I think I'll wait out the fate of poor Flur.
If I am to replace it, any suggestions? Should I go Mac, perhaps splurge and get AlienWare? I'm up to any and al suggestions. My last two laptops have been HP pavilions, which I have been very satisfied with. My prior pavilion was used for 2 years prior to my purchase of it from a friend and we eventually sold it two years ago to one of my husband's colleagues. As fare as I know its still up and running.
The future of my blogging life now lay in the hands of do or do I not. :/


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