Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unwanted Holiday Giving

I feel as if I've got my table full of commitments, projects, and traditions right now. Its no secret that I'm a little stressed right now. I began December with the intention to participate in a photo challenge on instagram called #bloggersgettingsocial and already I'm behind. BAH humbug. 
Its true, I can be a bit of a Scrooge. I have no issues giving to those I love and those in need. I just don't get in "Holiday Spirit", it good and all, Good will to all men and God bless us every one, but when it comes directed at me, I'm more like "Take your Christmas cheer over there, waaay over there."
I just have no patience for the facade of it all.  I get blunt and down right rude from time to time. When people want to give to my kids, I'm fine, you will get little to no argument from me. When people try to give to the hubby and I, I will usually put my foot down. I turn down presents I would rather not have or could not otherwise use and if I feel it's being given out of pity. That's it, that's what I hate! I hate Christmas Pity, if I want something, I work hard to get it. When something is being given to us out of goodwill, because they know us and care for us, yes I'll accept. Otherwise, keep your pity, it's unwarranted. I get this A LOT, yes we have 6 kids, yes to outside eyes my husband works at a "lowly grocery store" and yes I choose to stay home. Listen up,  because people have no idea, we cherish our children and choose to celebrate with a handmade Christmas as opposed to the items of the year sort of Christmas. No one but my husband, myself and his bosses know what my husband makes, I will tell you the it's more than people think. Although I stay home, I am a sole proprietor who gets paid, some months better than others, for my opinions, pattern writing/editing skills, and crafts. When/if we need or want help we ask for it.
Did I come off as pious or stuck up? I, so, hope not, that was not my intention. I simply don't like people assuming we're in need. I espicaly hate it when the hand outs and help are only seasonal. You know, if someone wanted to do something for me that I wouldn't be opposed to here it is:
Babysite all 6 of my kids one or two nights a month so the hubs and I can get out of the house by ourselves or take one of the older kids for one on one time. I don't see people lining up for that one though.

Until next time.
Scrooge out!


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