Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flu Season

As if already having one recovering from a hospital stay with the flu, we almost had another one. I received a call from school that Bubby (now 5) was running a high fever 104 and needed come pick him up. Once I arranged for the babies to be looked after we headed to the doctor. I called in route and they directed me to take him to the ER.
We left the school a little after 1 arrived at the ER at. The triage nurse saw us 30 minutes in and gave him liquid tylenol to bring his temprature down. He had blood work about 2 hours in. We didn't see a doctor until 6pm, he then checked him over told us tests were fine and neg for flu, but all the symptoms pointed to the flu and wanted a chest x-ray.

While waiting, Bubby turned on the tv and proceided to watch Teen Titans Go. Not even 5ml min in the woman in the cubby aceoss from us began screaming, at first I thought she was in pain, normal for an ER. Bubby turned th tv up from 20 to 23 so he could hear over her. It was then she became louder and heard her say "This is a hospital not a daycare! Stop blarring the tv." I directed my sick 5 year old to turn it down and he did to about 15. I thought this would satisfy her. Not even a minute in she began screaming "Oh God! I'm having a F-ing anurisim. Turn your GD, F-ing TV off! This is not a GD f-ing daycare. Keep your kids home, this is a f-ing hospital. Stupid B!"
Graciuosly, I remained seated, and told bubby he could turn his tv back to where he could hear it. Which was only to 18. Teen Titans went off and he hanged the channel to watch thw ending of Happy Feet. The woman continued to complain. During the last dance number of Happy Feet, a nurse finally arrived across the way and first thing on the agenda was to have her turn my tv off. When the nurse peaked her head in saw Bubby laying there stepped in and turned the tv up two more notches and said she would be back to check on his fever. I then heard the nurse suggest they move her back to the waiting room if she prefered the noise level out there. There were little to no complaints after that. Not to long after that they took us back for his x-ray and since there was little fluid in his lungs they went us home. It was 8pm. We stopped by Taco Bell, Bubby's choice, got a taco or two and attemped the drive home. It was after 9 and both he and I fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I will NEVER, EVER, go to the ER during flu season again! I would rather stabilize his fever at home and wait for the Doctor's office to get us in. Worst case I'll call 911 and arrive via ambulance.


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