Friday, January 16, 2015

Animal Family Portraits by Becky Lam Book Review. Family Portraits is the cute, unique mash up from the mind of Beck Lam. It shows some of the most amazing and creative mashups of animals that nature never intended. My kids had more than one case of the giggles while looking through this one. I loved the inclusion of some of the more exotic animals that lead to questions and some intense googling,
My eldest was struck with an odd sense of logic and had to argue that creatures such as these could never be found in nature. I then informed her of the genetically created tiger/lion cats, all in captivity and unable to procreate due to the genes being s mix of the two species.
My 5 year old boy loves to go over and over asking about all the different animals and what he would name them if they were his friend/pet.
All in all I recommend adding this to your digital library, it's handy for the little ones to keep busy and the older ones to have discussions about the different more exotic animals.


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