Monday, January 12, 2015

The Monster On Top of The Bed

The Monster On Top of the Bed is a children's book that not only introduces a cute turn on bedtime takes but also gives children a chance to write the story them selves. My two eldest have written at least three rough drafts of their book and I'm sure there will be more before this weather clears up.

We absolutely had a blast on our first snow day of the year sitting, at the kitchen table reading the book a loud then pitching ideas for a family version of the book. Then we each took a turn telling each other about how our story would be different. The two babies became the approving audience and boy, they absolutely loved hearing everyone's version of the plip plops and being scared little monsters from under the bed.

I found that my 5 year old son loved teaching his monster to count in English and French. It has been a gateway for him to be a bit more creative and work more on his reading.

If you have a creative child, looking to spark some creativity in your child, or wanting to get your child to work on their penmanship The Monster On Top of the Bed is a great way to get it done.


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