Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This will be my second Terry Treetop book my children and I have had the privilege to review. Terry Treetop is filled with vividly colorful illustrations that help tell the story. Written in rhymes and following a fun sweet tale of usefulness, helpfulness, and following safety restrictions for young children, Terry Treetop is wonderful for my children. This time around, Terry Treetop is helping a small nest of bird eggs, with out giving the story away, he saves the day. ;)My older children have enjoyed reading this aloud because of the rhyming and the simple way the words seem to flow. My toddler loves to sit and listen to the story and has now began to "read-a-long" with us. He loves the pictures and always gives Terry Treetop an great big hand after every page. I would suggest this for anyone looking for a fun story to read before Naptime and anyone else who enjoys celebrating all triumphs big or small.


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