Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Instanatural's Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Instanatural Dead Sea Mud Mask has become part of my weekend wind down routine. It's smooth texture, earthy scent, and amazing results. I look forward to my Friday night bubble bath and mud mask, taking that special time for just me. Moms do ya hear me? Since adding the mud mask my skin has changed from a weekly cleansing breakout, from my lemon sugar banana excoriate to a minimal blemish, at most.
I love that the texture was not clumpy or dry, I guess I expected it to be much thicker, instead I got a smooth almost pudding like texture. It glides on evenly in thin layers, takes at least 20 minutes to dry even while sitting īn a steaming bubble bath. I love it. A gal could put on thicker layers, but I don't think it would accelerate the results, the thin layer was plenty for me.
Rinsing off was effortless, three or four splashes of warm water and a soft towel to pat dry and voilà you're finished.
It leaves your skin feeling soft and slightly taunt, with a bit of a glow, of course that could be my bubble bath.
I highly suggest this mud mask for those nights you just need to pamper yourself. A nice full tub of hot steamy bubbles, a glass of red wine, and some Dan Brown to read while you just sit back and let the world float away. Of course, I'm not opposed to some Netflix, preferably Doctor Who, and a bowl of ice cream too.
My skin has blossomed with this mask, what I thought was tell tell signs of laugh lines, I could be paranoid, are much less visible, which I think they're more visible when my skin is dry. The moisture that this mask delivers without leaving a film over my skin is phenomenal. I really couldn't ask for me, I will warn that with any new product, do a patch test and be prepared for a small cleansing breakout with your first use especially if your don't use a mask in your regular skin routine.


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