Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Inside Smarts Laundry Bag Review

I received a set of 4 laundry bags from Inside Smarts in exchange for my honest opinion and review. The set included two large and two small sizes both one black and one white. I'm not a big "delicate" kinda a gal, but indo have four girls and girls have tons of delicate laundry if not now later.
My grandmother discovered that I had four new delicate bags and with a little bartering she ended up with my small black bag.
I discovered that my daughters' scarves and mittens wash great in the small bag I can get three infinity scarves in it and they come out of the wash great. The larger bag is the perfect size for stinky teddy bears or one chocolate smeared Tigger.

Following my usual wash routine, and adding the bag in last it's the greatest addition to my laundry since wool dryer balls. The large zipper tucks securely into a small strip of elastic and stays zipped the entire time. We had one bear that burst open and all the stuffing that could have found its way amongst all out PJs and BooBah's SpongeBob pillow case was well contained within the laundry bag. The second greatest thing about these bags were they dried very quickly after removing our delicate to line dry.
I would highly recommend these for anyone who has a lot of delicate laundry.


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