Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sun Si'belle Tinted Sunblock Review


I know, what better time to post about sunblock than during the 2015 Snowpocolyps, right? Well, never you mind, I strongly believe that sunblock should be a part of everyone's daily beauty routine.
 I usually use a SPF OF 15 for my daily routine and my primer I use with my mineral makeup is SPF 10. This sunblock is SPF 30, since the weather has been a bit on the below freezing side, I haven't had the chance to compare it to any of my favorite summer sunblocks. The tint, though it looks dark applies and blends in very well leaving a light coverage.

 It does feel heavy and leaves your face a bit on the shiny side, but keeping in mind that this is a sunblock and not a foundation, it works very well. I used it in place of my primer once and it improved the coverage, but more than I preferred for my choice of makeup. After a week of daily use and following my regular nightly cleansing routine I had no issues with blemishes nor excess oil.
When I tried to pair it with my bronzer, however,  my skin color from the tint and my bronzer didn't seem to pair up too well.
I felt that this is best left for those summer days on the beach or by the lake, I couldn't really pair it with my daily makeup, but it looked good on it's own. With the light coverage and settle tint it will go great once the weather warms up and I don't feel dependent on my bronzer.;)


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