Thursday, April 15, 2010

And so it begins

So 've been wanting to start a log of quite awhile now. now that i have one I 'm not sure what I want to get out of my head. Natalie doesn't have school tomorrow and I'll have to clean the house b/c everyone thinks that this is the party house... when they want to get drunk its all lets go to jami's house and get drunk... I've got four kids and they don't sleep in. and who has to be up when they are? ME... that's right I do.. I guess im just glad that it's not gonna be next weekend. got chloe in girl scouts now. she's soo excited about it. i find it cute and rememeber when I was in brownies... But chloe has started out in Daisy... so she gets to wear the cute little blue smock and i have to buy the cute little badges. lol... i really looking forwad to being the soccer mom type but i just can't seemto get myself out of the "Jami" type.. i get looked at by the other mother's as if im the weirdo of the bunch and im never taken seriously... but i don't feel comfortable being lilke them... its too close to being back in high school it's not even funny... i know i should be happy eing me and my children are happy wth me being me... but should i continue to worry about this?


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