Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lazy Butt

I have done absolutely nothing today. Nothing I swear I'm useless. Well, the fact that I feel as if I just survived a cage fight with Forest Griffin could have something to do with that... After my 6:00 wake up and Chloe's 7:50 bus stop arrival I got Natalie off to headstart and decided I would clean the house today, because lets face it my house is dirty. After about ten seconds of bending down and standing up I felt dizzy and yes I passed out. When I woke up there was blood all over the carpet. Darn it, how do you get blood outta the carpet? Wait my nose hurts, that's right I not only busted it I broke it. I fainted and broke my nose!!! After gathering myself I went into the bathroom to asses the damages. It was pretty bad, hurt like hell too... I decided I'd rather go through the pain than have a crooked nose. So in one swift and brave move, I set it... Then I screamed and I swear the dead moved in China... After laying back down and sleeping the pain off, Aggie awoke found the cereal Chloe left out. YAY didn't have to move to fix her breakfast. Then Mikey woke up, sigh, that wasn't as easy, I had to clean him up change him and feed him afterward Mikey and momma took a not so well deserved nap with Aggie sitting by happily watching Sponge Bob. By the time Natalie came home it was Lunch time. Ramen noodles in the microwave, see I told you I did nothing today. by The time Chloe came home, I decided to fix dinner. Thought "Hey, why not try to save this marriage"? I fixed Baked Chicken, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, and biscuits from scratch. When Stephen did come home, he went to the room and watched TV. Left for about three hours. Then came back home, ignored me completely even when I asked him if he liked dinner. You know what he ate? he fixed TUNA salad. Didn't even touch the chicken. What idiot does that. I went into the bedroom to ask why he did that. he didn't even answer me. So, I came into the living room watched two episodes of Buffy then cleaned the living  room and kitchen. As well as one can without using the vacuum that is. Now, I;m debating on sleeping in my bed with him or just sleeping on the couch again. I did the night before but that was by accident. I'm just wanting something to go one way or the other, will he stay or will he go?
On another note, I'm going to start my book. Yes, finally, I've got all my journal together and I'm picking a starting point this week. So, life will be getting a bit more hectic, but I'm a writer and writers write. I still quote children books, yo!


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