Monday, April 12, 2010

Reuse or is it repurpose?

I had a great idea, with mother's day coming up in may and seeds being so so so much cheaper than flowers I though why not let the girls plant some pretty seeds. But theres just one problem my house is soo extremely dark and well it's not becasue of windows. I thinks it's because of the trees that surrond this house. Don't get me wrong, Id rather shoot someone than lose one of my trees... But it's made the house so dark, yet also nice and cook in the summer too. My idea!!! I almost forgot, being that Mikey is still at the baby food stage and yes even thought I do have the baby food processor and the time to fix his food homemade I also have WIC vouchers that must be used. 20 jars of baby food a month to be exact. So, I had the girls fill one jar apiece at the moment with potting soil and two seeds each. When I hear of frost coming we simply put the lid on that night and take it off in the morning. I'm planning on letting the girls stain the jars with a homemade berry ink and kool-aid finger paints and give them away as presents. So, is this qualified as a reusing of the jars or repurposing? I'm stumped at that fact...


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