Friday, April 9, 2010


So I've decided to come up with ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.. I devotedly recycle cans. If I can't make it to the plant I send them with my grandfather. Who, honestly deserves a little extra money from me. After all it was his paychecks that paid for practically everything in my life. Except my first car, I can honestly say that was my own money. Granted I was 19 almost 20 when I got it and it only cost $200 it was mine. I remember everything about that car, it was a 1988 Chevrolet Caviler, white  no horn part of the front bummper stuck out at an angle and I scraped it many many times. It was a piece of crap car, but I loved every part of it. I called it Nessie after the loch ness monster because it didn't have a muffler and growled. In fact  Icarried the original muffler in the trunk for the first year. Back to how I'm reducing today. I filled a two liter bottle with water and put it in the back of the toilet. I stopped letting the girls play in the tub. Felt that we were wasteing too much water. I would like to get ine of those pressure flow shower heads...


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