Friday, July 16, 2010

Jami in short.

So, tonight since I couldn’t think of anything better to blog about I thought I’d let everyone in and learn some things you didn’t otherwise know. So, I’m going to compile a list of 100 facts. This is the first 25.

1. My middle name is Lou. I hated it most of my life. But then at 16 discovered I was named after my great grandmother Carrie Lou Porter. I love it now! Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

2.My mother would call me Luanne because I told my entire 1st grade class that was my middle name. I knew I was in trouble when she called me Jami Lou

3.I’m exactly 5 foot 4 inches tall. An entire inch taller than my mother.

4.I have hazel eyes. I usually hide them behind my glasses.

5.I still wear the same glasses I got my senior year of high school

6.I love to draw but usually don’t have anything interesting to draw. I sat down one day and started sketching Abraham Lincoln and he ended up looking more like my father.

7.I love all kinds of music but don’t usually listen to country unless it’s a song or band Cara has recommended.l_cb912d1fd1acde39b560c597d70d146f

8.I also love discovering new music, of any sort.

9.I have a dog but I’m really a cat person and would love to have a kitten!

10.My hair is naturally auburn brown but I usually cover it with a dark brown and at times black. (it also hides my grey hairs)

11.I prefer vegetables to meat and still can’t figure out why I had such a problem with my gall bladder.

12.I’m a chocoaholic, I take spurts where all I want is chocolate. I even keep chocolate in my night stand!

13.My favorite song of all time is I want a mom by Cyndi Lauper. It makes me cry every time I hear it.

14.I have panic attacks, but I’ve had to learn to deal with them so much on my own people usually don’t take notice or care.

15.I love to read and I’ll read anything at least once. I like to read the classics the best. Plus you can get a lot of them for free online now lol…

16.My favorite day of the week is Thursday. That was usually when I would get a letter from my BFF Cara in the mail.

17.I met my BFF Cara at Camp nearly 15 years ago. She’s the greatest!

18.I love getting flowers, but I prefer hand picked daisies.

19.I’m not a big card person. Id much rather write a letter or meaningful poem.

20.I watch reality television, but I’ve never watched the bachelor or bachelorette

21.I don’t dress my age. I still wear pig tails and vintage comic book tees.

22.I love Halloween, I love to dress up and be someone different for one day!

23.I love to learn about history. I’ll take days when I’ll obsessively watch the history channel.

24.I know more about comic books and super heroes than most people think. I’m Cara’s comic book life line in case l_d6c4eb47891b08c141f0631165fbc0dcof cash cab!

25.I love to paint my nails but they never turn out how I want them to so I usually take it off.


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