Saturday, July 17, 2010

More about Jami…

well here is the next installment about Jami… As boring as I know it is I’m having a hard time coming up with info about me.

so starting with 26.

26. I’m a nervous person and horrible in social settings. Yet I enjoy making new friends.

27. I blush really easily. Even if I’m not embarrassed about something.

28. I like to be told I’m pretty, cute, or sweet. But I get slightly offended if someone tells me I’m beautiful.

29. I’m very self conscience. I tend to hide under over sized shirts and lose pants. It’s also the reason I have a hoodie for just about any occasion.

30. I love to play video games. Eapicially rpgs. My favorite is Oblivion. I can go weeks on nothing but Cherry Coke and Oblivion.

31. I have ocd. Things have to be in multiples of 5 or 3. I’ll turn the volume up or down to make sure it ends in either a 5 or 0.

32. I would rather avoid confrontation. But, if I feel the cause is worth it I’ll make a fierce stand.

32. I used to love McDonalds until I watched Super Size Me. I haven’t had anything from McD’s since.

33. I’m a beauty school drop out. That’s me standing up for myself.

34. I was a youth leader once and was asked to step down because I wasn’t teaching the youth the Church Doctrine. I thought I was teaching them the Bible, I didn’t know there was a difference.

35.My favorite color is Green.

36. I love to wear knee high socks with shorts, skirts and dresses.

37. I still watch Cartoons.

38. I’ve been known to read fanfiction

39. I teach my kids all the different superheroes and they’re powers/gadgets.

40. I don’t like to yell but I will yell at the kids when they don’t listen to me.

41. I have a short temper but most times I’ll walk off before I lose it.

42. I’ve only been in love once.

43. I don’t consider myself a hopeless romantic. But after reading my old journals I’ve discovered I am.

44. It annoys me that I might be a hopeless romantic.

45. I still write in my journals when I don’t have access to blog.

46. I feel naked if I leave the house with out eye liner.

47. I want to move to a big city and start over.

48. I hate farming, but I like to grow flowers and small veggies.

49. I lose my train of thought when talking to people about things that I know a lot about. Unless I’m talking to someone who makes me feel comfortable.

50. I correct people’s grammar.


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