Thursday, July 22, 2010

The last of me, or at least about me.

Well, I’m surprised I’ve actually lasted this long. After the week I’ve had and today which I will not mention.  Here’s the last 25  unknown or maybe just not well known fact about me.


75. I talk in movie quotes. “Orange is the new pink.” and “you don’t want to sale me death sticks.”

76. I watch untold amounts of musicals.

77. I’m always listening to music. Song of the moment, It just changed from You Don’t Own Me by Leslie Gore to Here Comes You Man by the PIXIES

78. I’ve never thought I would have kids much less 4 kids before I turned 30

79. I get horrible writer’s block. That’s mostly the reason I stopped writing.

80. I cry in the shower. Its easier to clean up afterwards.

81. I dance when I clean the house. And sing along with my iPod.

82. I don’t wear pink but I love to have pink accessories.

83. I’ve love to have a rabbit. Don’t know how long I’d keep it but I still want one!

84. I would love to have my old typewriter back, there’s something about the way a typewrite sounds.

85. I always fall for the wrong guy.

86. I would melt if a guy sung to me. No matter if it was good or not.

87. I still have some of my childhood toys. Including my She-Ra dolls and Monchee chees.

88. I still listen to Cyndi Lauper.

89. The best compliment I ever got was “I like you hair cut, it reminds me of Cyndi Lauper.” (Jason you ROCK!)

90. There isn’t much that impresses me.

91. I’ve been hit by a man.

92. I’ve hit a man.

93. I always thought I needed braces. No I could care less, I have all my teeth and I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

94. I forget to put deodarant on sometimes that’s why I usually pack one in my purse.

95. I hate leather hand bags.

96. I hate the smell of leather. It’s not a PETA thing it’s just an opinion.

97. I prefer veggie burgers to beef or turkey.

98. I want to lose about 15lbs. It’s not a I think I’m fat it’s a I need to lower my cholesterol reason. 

99. I have anemia. It’s under control but I don’t tell people because they always take it as a bad thing.

100. I love to eat chicken liver and onions. In fact it’s one of my favorite meals. But, no one makes it like my mom did.


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