Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is just for me….

So I’m going through a lot lately. But, I’ve decided that I have got to take charge. Make a move. A movement all my own. So, here it is. This past week we had a huge county wide yard sale and I hate doing yard sales. I’m not above shopping at them I just never have the patience to prepare one and stay at it all day long. But the sad thing is I have so many things that I need to part with and get rid of… So what’s the next best thingto a yard sale? Ebay baby! That’s right I’ve already made myself 41.50 richer in three days!!! I’ve got a lot more things to basically get rid of and make a little profit off of as well. From baby clothes that even at pennies to the dollar well help me out, to a huge whole sale box of yarn that I absolutely hate to use. Here’s looking at me. I’m Jami here me roar ha ha. No wait, RAWR!!!


Cara said...

eBay. They wonderful world of the online yard sale. :)
I say go for it! :)

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