Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, I actually cooked tonight! But, first I took a trip to the grocery store. For the locals you know that means I took a trip to Ralph’s. I’m not going to get into that adventure, but lets just say if it wasn’t for my grandfather I’d still be there and all my chocolate would be a melted yucky mess.

Dinner!!! It was baked mac and cheese and inside out burgers! And just to prove that I did make it myself I’ve got a whole mess of pictures for you to follow along with me.

august 109

First here’s my loot well my mass of amounts of toddler food for Mikey really. But you will notice that there is NO boxed food ready made stuff.             august 110

First things first! You have to charge and have ready your iPod and a whisk (they make nice make shift microphones). I like to rock out when I cook. Tonight was a mixed playlist of Nirvana, Glee, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Johnny Cash among others. august 112

I know Aggie is allergic to onions, but my mac just doesn’t taste the same with out it. I did make a seperate small batch for Aggie. I usually add some chopped fried bacon to mine as well, but as lucj would have it I can’t eat bacon like I used to. :( But if Cara were eating with me I’d totally add it!    august 113

This really doesn’t need and explanation but boil you macaroni until it al dente. august 114

Oh and you can’t forget to add a grouchy and unhappy baby to the mix. Added note, if feeding the baby a tomato based pasta, remove all clothing tomato sauces stain.              august 115

You need to melt about 3 tbsp of butter, I prefer to use real butter, but if you’re lucky enough to still have your gall bladder you might want to go with margarine.                             august 116

Three tbsp of flour, one tbsp of ground mustard and two teaspoons of paprika. Just for taste  august 117

Add that to you melted butter, it’ll turn this really freaky color of brown. Whisk this on medium-ish heat for about 5 minutes. You know just like a gravy!! august 118

Just like with gravy you need to add about 3 cups of milk give or take. I’m southern I don’t really measure.august 119

I don’t think you’ve been officially introduced to eggbert, he’s my trusty egg beater. Which you’ll need to beat one egg. Add  it to the pot and stir.            august 120

Then finally you add about 12 ounces of cheese. It’s about a bag and a half. You can go ahead and add two bags if you want. It’s all good and cheesy!

   august 124

Preheat the oven to around 350.

 august 121

Here’s how gooey and cheesy it’ll all look. august 122

Then add you macroni to the cheesy goodness that you’ve just created!

august 123

Put it all in a good casserole dish.august 129

Next you need bread crumbs. Try to get the seasoned kind, but if you can’t find them a box of stove top stuffing mix will work too, just crunch it up really good.august 125

More butter! Melt about 2tbsp. august 126

Now is a great time to take a drink of that Coke! august 127 Add about half a cup of breadcrumbs to the butter mix it all together and spread it across the top of the mac and cheese. august 130

Put it in the preheated oven and pray that it doesn’t catch on fire like my tatertots did! august 131




So, while that is baking you cn make the inside out hamburgers!!! First things first… Slice some home grown tomatoes from your Pappy’s garden. august 132 august 133

Then Slice up and onion, the red is best for this it’s not as tart. At least I think…                august 134

Patty out a burger and place a tomato slice and onion slice and a little bit of shredded cheese.

 august 135

Then Patty out a second burger, sandwich it with the other and smooch it all together.

 august 138

Start frying on medium heat, if you try to fry it too high all the cheese will melt out and make a huge mess.

august 140

Flip the burgers after about 5 min, they won’t be completely done on the first side, but it’s more important that the sides cook together evenly so that the entrails stay in there.  august 139

Basically just watch them fry flip every so often and don’t let them burn.                            august 142

After all the 30 min is up pull out your mac and cheese and there you go!!! A well made from scratch meal!!! I’m proud of myself! august 141

This meal I’m proud to say was a success! The kids ate every last bite I put in front of them. And Aggie enjoyed her onion free mac as well!!!


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