Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Schooling.

Okay, lets get this out of the way. There are TONS of problems with the public school system. But, you can be sure there are people that are educated and trained to teach your child. I’m a firm believer that children should be taught. If, and I emphasize if, you’re going to take the home schooling route get up and TEACH. I’ve encountered a lot of idiots in my lifetime. The one that tops my list was a 19 year old, who had been home schooled in the lazy fashion. His parents assumed just reading the text book was enough to teach him, oh how they were wrong. He actually thought believed to the point of argument that Thomas Edison and… AND Martian Luther King Jr were two or our past presidents. This, I believe is and perfect example of LAZY home schooling. I mean, really don’t all teens wish they were lucky enough to have parents dumb enough to home school like that? Let the child sleep as long as they want, let them read and study at their own pace. Where is the schooling in that? Simply handing them a book and expecting that BOOK to teach is and will always be WRONG! It sickens me. Come on parents! We may not agree 100% what public schooling decides but at least you can be assured there are trained professional there to TEACH!

To those few who do take the time to home school and you’re either a teacher in yourself or you’ve hired some sort of a tutor/teacher for your child KUDOS for you! I believe that is the correct way to home school. Making sure your child regardless of age, is getting the education, knowledge they deserve. I’m not telling you what to teach I’m simply saying this…

If you choose to home school it’s not a simple task. You can’t be lazy about it. It’s just the same as any other schooling. It requires parent interaction, intervention, and attention. If you don’t have the patience to sit and explain to your own child the difference in verbs and nouns. Teach them how to decipher an algebra equation. If you can’t edit an essay, then get up in the morning’s put your child on a bus and let someone who knows how to do it. OR hire a teacher! Home schooling shouldn’t be an easy option for the lazy, nor should it be an escape. In the end it’s the child that’s losing this battle, and it will me on your shoulders.


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