Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s Raining Men!

Ok, so most of us proudly boast about the women in our lives that we admire. I would like to dedicate this post to the men in my life. Those, who have made a difference and truly have blessed my life with their presence.

First off is Stephen. He’s my anchor in life. He knows me in and out, top to bottom and loves me. He keeps me anchored to reality and provides security. Though, at times I may seem adrift and lost I know I’m not, if at any time I need him he’s there.  Besides, what would life be like if we stayed put all the time. He goes with me and I with him.

Second is my Father. He’s shown me that though there are many hardships in life, you can get through it. To an outsider it may have appeared that he wasn’t around during most of my teen years. He was, he just kept things together from a distance. I was the oldest, all parents are at a loss when it’s the first time around. I’ve cut him some slack, after all he’s doing a great job with my little brother! Who is my next great man.

I’ve watched hi grow from clumsy toddler into a VERY tall young man. He’s always happy, helpful, and strong willed. He’s a great uncle to my children and turning into my “Big” Brother more everyday.

Then my grandfather. I’m sure in this town there is very few people who don’t know him. He’s helped families with no thought of retribution. He’s always willing to help in anyway he can. If not for this man there would be a lot less happy people in the world. I could go on and on about him, but there is not enough words to express.

I can continue this with everyone of the male presences in my life but I’m gonna cut it short with two more.

This one is my cousin two nephew’s David and Jason. Theses two little boys mean the world to me. They’ve jsut lost their father, there are no words to explain my pain I feel for them. I want them to grow into fine outstanding men. Happy, loving, and strong, all the things I know their mother is and father was.

Finally, my little man. Michael. I know a lot of people worry about his small stature even at only a year old. But, he’s such a strong fella. Everyday, he greets me with a smile and giggle that simply warms my heart. It’s safe to say there have been less than perfect mornings where I would prefer to pack up and leave the house. But, having him so happy proves to me that I’m doing something right. And that keeps me happy. 

To those others, Uncles, Cousins, and Great Uncles. You guys know how  much I love you. Never be anything less than what you are. And those who have disappointed me… (few as you may be) There is life out here in the real world, happiness, and security. Break free of your binds and experience it again.


Nikki said...

Your papaw is such a wonderful man! Always willing to lend a hand. I've never heard that man say anything negative about anyone. I loved working with him, he was always my favorite :)

~J-ME~ said...

Thanks Nikki. Everyone that I've ever met, has told me the very same things about him. There just aren't many people out there like him, that's for sure.

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