Monday, November 17, 2014

Bells Palsy

A little over 3 weeks ago I posted on my instagram that I had suffered a mini stroke, a week later I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. Bells Palsy is a form of facial paralysis that usually only effects one side of the face. We're unclear what caused it, but It's pretty much disappeared now.

I'm still having issues with my right eye closing, and it was causing me even more sleep issues than what I already experience. I began trying to sleep with the cover over my eyes, then tried just placing my arm over my eyes, neither one worked very well. Eventually, the blanket would be kicked off because I became too hot or my arm would fall asleep and I would move it and the ensuing light from the house would wake me up.  I decided I needed something that would stay put, feel light weight, and not fall off or slip around.  I would make my own sleep mask! At first I considered crocheting one, maybe even one of the adorable owl masks I've seen floating around. Then I realized, I wanted this to be as breathable as possible, what could be worse than sweating around your eyes? I pulled out my fabric scraps and decided the size and shape I was going to be making. Among those scraps were some fleece that I had made a makeshift eye patch from.

It was then that the idea hit me, I had used this fabric originally to make a diaper cover with. You can get the pattern for them here if you're interested. 
I thought, since it's a great breathable fabric for my daughters bum why not use it for my face.
So, here! I made myself a sleep mask out of this happy,soft, breathable (really can I say that word enough?) fleece. It really was the easiest little project I've done EVER! 
I cut the fabric into a rectangle to fit my face width and from the tip of my brows to the tip of my nose. Realistly I could have curved it over my nose like they're traditionally done, but I couldn't wear it as a nifty headband when I'm getting the eldest ready for school. (That may or may not have been my train of thought) 

I sewed a piece of thin elastic, ¼ inch width, to the corners that I folded down into triangles and viola! A simple sleep mask that I can't live without now! Never in a thousand years would I have thoguht I would be sleeping with a sleep mask, but here I am. I have to brag on some of the benefits, since I've began my trip into sleep mask-dom, I've not been awaking in the middle of the night, as per my norm, when not using herbal sleep supplements. (I've done two reviews on some amazing supplements here and here.) Sleeping with a mask, blocks out unwanted light, from the street lights outside, to the bathroom night light that I'd dare not remove. When I need to catch a few winks during the day it's the perfect get-a-way. I can also apply some lavender essential oil to the back ends away from my eyes and it helps to relax me as well. Greatest idea I ever had!!! 


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