Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December TushMate News

TushMate diaper award

Time for TushMate news. Boy, have they had a great year, making changes to their already amazing, one of a kind design, introducing their TushMate AIO Newborn and their first ever print,Globe, with every bum placement petfect. With the success of these new additions the TushMate AIO Newborn has been nominated for a Best New Cloth Diaper of 2014 award and the Globe Print diaper cover has been nominated for Best Print of 2014. To ensure these awards go to the awesome team at TushMate vote for them here:
Best new diaper 2014
Best new print 2014
TushMate has one of the most inventive, one of a kind, cloth diapering systems and they have just reinvented it this year to make it better. If you're looking for a diaper with versirility and convience TushMate is it.


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