Friday, January 23, 2015

Matcha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade Review

I have previously posted about Kiss Me Organics Match Powder, this time around I was able to try the ceremonial grade powder. I accepted this product for review because I loved the be if its of the last Matcha powder. I was better focused, my energy levels were up, and my cranky levels were down. This tome around, the results were very much the same, but the taste was much better.
(picture to come soon)
As opposed to be bitter tea taste there was a more earthy undertone, which I found quite pleasant. Mixing a teaspoon of powder with 8oz of hot water and some honey made for a delightful winter beverage. I began mixing it in with my apple cider and a little on my morning coffee. I don't know about you nut being able to get through my day with 6 kids and mot feel exhausted by the end was refreshing. As we prepare to do some renovations I look forward to continue using my Matcha and keeping up with my younger spawns.


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