Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Favorite Animal: Dogs Children's Book Review

My Favorite Animal:Dogs, is a great book for children and I would highly recommend it for anyone with a dog or wanting to get a dog. Its not only entertaining, but super informative, very much along the lines of how the Keats brothers teach children about animals. It covered the different sizes of dogs, bow they are related to wolves and even how they communicate.

My children, who finally after a year of begging were granted responsibility of a new puppy, well an older puppy. This was a great way for them to learn about how ot treat their new friend, and bow to care for it. They were very surprised at how they were to keep their dog clean, and all the different ways to care for him. My oldest son, has had to pull it up on several occasions to "double check" his information to solve disputes with his older sisters.
If your looking to teach hour children about Man's best friend or just catch a few good to know pointers this is the book for it.


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